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Discover the Romance!, the Sizzle!, the Fun! of Dancing Together!
Life's a Dance. Don't Miss a Step of It !
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There is a season for everything under heaven;
A time to mourn, and a time to dance. ( Ecl 3:1, 4b )
So. . . . ,
Why Dance ?
? Because. . . . ,
it's Fun & Good for You!
Physically, Mentally,
Emotionally, and Spiritually.
The mediocre teacher tells
The good teacher explains
The superior teacher demonstrates The great teacher inspires

- William Arthur Ward -
Move You Body, Stimulate Your Mind,
Soothe Your Soul . . . . . . .

"H I T - T H E - F L O O R !"- D A N C E S
B A L L R O O M - S W I N G - C L U B - L A T I N

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Hate the Workout?
Then "Hit the Floor"
The Healthy Benefits of Dancing

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We don't just teachdance here . . . we really do dance here. Hate the Workout? Then "Hit the Floor!" Dancing can be a great cardio and aerobic workout without you even realizing it.

A Time to Dance, a place to do it. Yes, right here in Salem !
See you on the dance floor, and remember . . . . . . Keep Counting !

. . . . . See details either below or to the right . . . . . . .

RJ Dance Studio has been offering local dancers and dance students a place to attend affordable, quality classes (since 1986) AND social dances (since 1991) without the smoke, the alcohol or the meat market environment. The local dancer's do have an alternative to the Bar Scene. That alternative is to "Hit the Floor" at RJ Dance Studio, a beautifully renovated dance space located upstairs at 317 Court Street NE, Downtown Salem. The Ballroom is a cozy 1200 sq ft and is an alcohol-free, smoke free, dancer friendly environment.

Our dances are open to all students from all dance classes, including those students taking from other instructors. Our dances are intended to be a fun place for dancers to meet, socialize, observe, ask questions and most of all, dance so you improve your dance skill. There is a wide variety of ages and abilities represented, ranging from high school students to seasoned citizens and from beginning level dancers just starting out to competitive level couples. There really is something for everyone.

The cost is very affordable; a mere $5/cover for the Tuesday dances. How cheap is that? The rules of the floor are simple: Be courteous toward the other dancers on the floor. Adhere to proper line of dance and dance floor etiquette. Don't get too wild and crazy. Don't hurt yourself, your partner or someone else on the floor. And, no air steps.

Encouragement for our New Dancers
Often times as a new dancer you are a bit intimidated by those "more experienced" dancers on the floor. Not to worry. If you are a Newcomer, just starting your dance journey, we and other dancers will try to show you a few basic steps here and there throughout the evening. Obviously, trying to pick up a few steps at a dance (on or U-Tube) does not to take the place of participating in regular group classes or private lessons where detailed instruction and explanation can be provided.

Remember, the better dancers get better because they attend dances regularly and actually Dance! That's where they put to use what they learn in class. With a good balance of classes and dances and a little time, you too, can go from watchingthe better dancers to becomingone of the better dancers. That journey can be challenging, but it's a whole lot of fun.

Still just want to watch?
The dances are the best place just to "take it all in". You can ask questions, see what the dances look like and what the correct music sounds like. But, it's hard to just sit. If your toes are tapping, you should be dancing !! So let's "Hit the Floor!"

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Upstairs at 317 Court, Downtown Salem
Mail: PO Box 17377, Salem OR 97305
(503) 363-3341
Reduce Stress - Come Dance!

Social Dances
Weekly "Hit the Floor !" Social Dances

This is the perfect place to "just watch" and ask questions, even if you know nothing at all.
You will seel all the different dance styles and the appropriate music that goes with each.
This will help you decide where to start with classes. You will also get a feel for the Stduio
before you come in for classes, which will make it less intimidating.

Every Tuesday Night, 7:30 - 9:30pm
Mixed ALL Variety Music - Swing, Ballroom, Club, Latin
Only $5/Cover - No Lesson

Want to see what Ballroom, Swing and Latin dancing is all about? Curious? Want to give it a try?
Then this is your night ! Just watch or try it out. Our friendly crowd will help you feel comfortable and right at home.

Receive one $5/person Dance Pass to the Tuesday Social Dance
with paid/participation to regular Level 1 Level 2 classes
(restrictions apply)

Friday "Hit the Floor!" Social Dances

West Coast Swing ONLY Dance
2nd Friday, Jan 12th
2nd Friday, Feb 9th
2nd Friday, Mar 9th

West Coast Swing & Night Club 2-Step Music Only

7:30pm - Mini Intermediate Level West Coast Lesson - with paid admission
8:00 - 10:30+pm, Just Dance, $10/person

Winter Wonderland Dance
3rd Friday, January 19th
7:30 - 9:30pm +, $5/person
Music: Mix of Swing, Ballroom, Club, Latin
No Lesson

Anual Valentine Sweetheart Dance
3rd Friday, February 16th
7:30 - 10:00pm +, $10/person - This Dance

Roses, Sweet Treats and Maybe Wine !!
Music: Mix of Swing, Ballroom, Club, Latin
No Lesson

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