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for everything under heaven;
A time to mourn, and a time to dance.
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Life's a Dance-
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Beginning Level 1 classes are the most basic entry level introduction to social dancing. They can also be used as a brush-up from another previous class. Timing and basic elements of the dance are covered. Depending on length of series, the first 5-10 basic patterns will be introduced along with an introduction to technique for proper lead / follow execution and styling.

Beginning Level 2 classes go beyond the Basics and are an extension of B-1 classes. They are also sometimes called "Tweener" classes, because the ultimate goal of the B-2 classes are to transition the student from a beginning level to a truely Intermediate Level of knowledge and skill. B-2 classes are usually faster paced and therefore not advisable for first-time dancers. Additional beginning material is presented along with continued emphasis on proper timing, technique and styling.

A solid understanding and ability to execute the dance and being comfortable with lead & follow is strongly recommended.

Beginning level material is not taught in these classes. Beginning level material is reviewed as related to the intermediate level material and combinations being presented. Continued emphasis on proper timing, technique and styling.

Partners are required for the Advance Level classes.
A very solid understanding and ability to execute the dance and demonstrate confident lead & follow skills is required.

True advanced material and variations are introduced. Material known as "continuity patterns" for the smooth ballroom dances is also introduced at this Level. Proper timing, footwork, rise / fall (when appropriate), alignments and framing are strongly emphasized as these elements are absolutely necessary to property execute the material danced at this level.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

We reserve the right to request anyone to leave a class, dance or other event if that person(s) is or becomes confrontational, argumentative, antagonistic or otherwise disruptive to the class, dance or event in progress.
In such cases, any fees already paid by the client/student are forfeited.

Come, Celebrate Life! Dance!
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Minimum class size is 4/couples.

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