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The mediocre teacher tells
The good teacher explains
The superior teacher demonstrates
The great teacher inspires

- William Arthur Ward -

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Meet your instructor, Lora LaMon
Rumba, ChaCha, or Salsa
Lora's reputation is that of a technician. One of her own coaches has remarked that she has one of the best eyes in the business for spotting what's happening in one's dance. She agrees with her coaches, who prefers quality to quantity, and always stresses to her students that "better" is nicer than "more".
She says, "Just about anyone can learn a hundred patterns and do them badly. But we all enjoy watching a proficient dancer execute a few patterns done well."

Lora's strong sense of rhythm and music composition stems from a very early start. She began playing classical piano at the age of 4, eventually developing an interest in contemporary pieces. At 14 she composed her first short concerto. During the mid-70's, she studied and performed classical and contemporary voice for eight years. Lora's dancing began at the age of seven with ballet and tap. She continued dancing through college where she was introduced to ballroom, latin and swing in a PE Class.
In 1984, a group or co-workers talked her into joining them at a country western club where for the next four years she mastered all the country couple dances popular at that time. In 1988, Lora re-entered the world of Ballroom. Shortly after that, she began training and teaching.

Lora is available full time for classes, private lessons, technical and competitive coaching. She teaches primarily out of RJ Dance Studio, Salem's Dance Connection, but is also available to travel throughout the Valley. Lora keeps her own dancing current by continuous weekly training with her own coaches. In addition, she attends several training camps throughout the year. Lora has coached with the likes of:

Recent & Current Coaches Past Ballrrom Smooth Coaches Past Rhythm and Latin Coaches

Ron Montez
7-time Undefeated US Latin American Champion
World Finalist and British Finalist

Tony Dovolani
2007, 2008, 2006, 2005, 2004 Dances with the Stars Professional
2006 World Rhythm Champion
2006 US Open Rhythm Champion
2006 Emerald Ball Open Professional American Rhythm Champion
2006 PBS American Ballroom Challenge Rhythm Champion
2005 Ohio Star Ball American Rhythm Champion
2005 US Open Rhythm Champion
2005 World Rhythm Champion

Benji Schwimmer
2006 Winner of "So, You Think You Can Dance"

Buddie & Laurie Schwimmer
Creator of the Night Club 2-Step
World Renowned Swing Masters

Elizabeth (Cullip) Knoll
Int'l Standard & American Smooth Champion

Jim & Jenell Maranto
2-time U.S. American Smooth Championships
US Representatives in World Showdance Events

Pierre Allaire & Mireille Veilleux
Int'l Standard & Latin 10-Dance Champions
Blackpool (England) Rising Star Champions

Michael Mead & Olga Foraponova
Int'l Standard Finalists

David Hamilton & Olga Foraponova
Armerican Smooth Champions

Stanislov & Ludmilla Popov
8-time Russian Standard Champions

Nic Cotton & Debbie Avalos
Int'l Standard & Latin 10-Dance Champions

Chris & Denese Morris
American Smooth Champions

Bob Powers & Julie (Gorchakova) Powers
12-time Undefeated US Rhythm Champions (1993-2004)
13-timesWorld Mambo Champions

James & Jaana Kunitz
10- time Int'l Latin Champions

Tony Meredith & Melanie Lapatin
4-time North American Latin Champions
12-time US Representative World Latin Championships

Rick Pride & Catherine Joy
American Rhythm Rising Star

Peter Mant & Ava Kaye
American Rhythm Finalists
International Latin Rising Star Finalists

FJ Abaya & Natasha Thayer
American Rhythm Rising Stars
Waltz, with a lift.
The mediocre teacher tells
The good teacher explains
The superior teacher demonstrates
The great teacher inspires

-William Arthur Ward -
Tango in Promanade

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