Why you Should come to the Social Dances (even when you don’t know anything)

Why you Should come to the Social Dances (even when you don’t know anything)

  • Since you are wanting to learn how to dance or you are currently learning how to dance, then actually dancing is the best thing you can do for yourself and your partner.

Coming to an actual dance is different (and better) than dancing in your kitchen, or your garage, or your shower. The Social Dance environment and experience is better. There is a sense of “community” at the dances, a community that is a safe place for you to work on and improve your dance skill. There is also a supportive and encouraging sense of comradery. This is especially important for new dancers.

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary, but . . .

Coming to the dances is well worth the effort. Others will dance with you, which helps you get better and more confident, too. And yes, you can decline if dancing with someone else is still too scary. But it gets easier and better the more often you attend the dances and the more involved you become in them.

At the dances, you have a good floor, the right music, and comradeship to encourage you.
The dances are where you will meet other like-minded people who love to dance, just dance. You’ll get to know your classmates, and meet others, too. As you enlarge your dance “circle”, you will find yourself dancing more (and loving it!). The more you dance, the larger you dance circle becomes.  See how that works? It’s ALL good.

  • Yes, we have singles who come to the dances.

    Often, singles are hesitant to go to social dances because they are concerned everyone is “partnered up” and there will be no one for them to dance with. That’s not true. Social dances are “social”.  Most everyone dances with everyone, even if they have a regular partner of their own.  There is no way to know what the mix or ratio of lead/follow will be at any social dance. HOWEVER, if all the singles regularly came to the social dances, they’d find each other, and Waa Laa, they wouldn’t just find a dance partner, they find SEVERAL dance partners.

  • Finally, dancing need not be overwhelming or intimidating.

The dances are the best place to just watch, ask questions, see what all those different dances look like and what music goes with each. If you are not sure where to start or where to go next with your dancing, coming to the Social Dances will help you sort it out by getting eyes and ears on the variety of options.  Finally, we all started with two left feet.  Those amazing accomplished dancers all had that first dance or class.  They’ve been there and know exactly how “fish out of water” you might be feeling.  These seasoned dancers can be a great source of encouragement and support as you start out on your own Dance Journey. Stay the course! It does get easier and increasingly enjoyable.

See you on the Dance Floor, and remember . . . . .  Keep Counting !

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