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Life's a Dance-
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New series of group classes start every month. Classes are a fun, inexpensive way to learn basic dance steps. Although we cannot guarantee partners will be available, singles are always welcome and encouraged to participate. We don't insist but do recommend changing partners during classes to give everyone opportunity to work with different partners and meet new friends. Classes generally meet for 60 minutes or 90 minutes, once a week. Costs vary.

A lifetime gift of no fat, no sugar, no cholesterol, no calories! A gift that keeps you moving and makes you feel great! A gift both men and ladies can equally use and enjoy together! Life’s a dance! Don’t miss a step of it!
Time restrictions in group classes do not always allow much time for individual needs to be addressed. Private lessons clear up questions while giving you one-on-one attention and help. Private time is useful for both singles or couple – $60/hour.
Your wedding party, First Wedding Dance, social/civic club, work organization, church, youth group, or special circle of friends can have you very own dance class. Call or e-mail us for specifics, scheduling availability and rates.
RJ Dance Studio never requires partners for classes, workshops or dances. While more ladies than men still show an interest in dancing, single men do inquire about classes. While we cannot guarantee partners will be available, we do e-mail the word out if a single is interested in a class. We don't insist but do recommend changing partners during classes to give everyone a chance to work with different partners.
While dancing is an excellent forum in which to socialize and meet people, a single partner, needs to evaluate the reason(s) for attending dances and classes in the first place. Is it because you enjoy dancing and want to learn more, or are you attending to "find" or "meet" the "right" someone? The answer to that question will make a big different on how well you do and your commitment to "sticking to it".
Many don't understand the balance between movement and stillness as it relates to dancing. Without this balance, one either looks/feels like a wooden solider or a marionette bobbing on its strings. Due to time restraints, such information is just barely touch upon in general classes.
"Stuff" Workshops, taught by Lora LaMon, provide excellent material for new and experienced dancers with the "Stuff" that makes your dance an art form instead of a wrestling match. "Stuff" is not about learning more patterns and moves. It's about getting your body moving better so what you already know works better and you can successfully move on to more advanced material. It's better if you have taken some basic classes and familiarize yourself with basic dance material before attempting technical workshops.
RJ Dance Studio occasionally puts together dance trips to out of town locations, competitions and wonderful get-away cruises to exotic places, like Alaska the Caribbean, and the Panama Canal. As a Studio, we get some great price reductions for these trips. Email us if you are interested in joining us.

If so, why not participate in competitions or showcases? Involvement in a showcase or competition makes you a better dancer because you focus on specific elements of your own dance. There are many skill levels. One is just right for you. Talk to us about getting involved. It's a great confidence booster, and the costumes and trophies are kind of fun, too. Check it out and go for it!
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