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Offering fun, affordable dance instruction that makes sense.

RJ Dance Studio, LLC, is a professional quality, locally owned, established teaching studio serving Salem Oregon and the surrounding area since 1984. Weekly social dances have been hosted by the Studio since 1991.

The Studio is currently located in the beautifully renovated Pearce Ballroom, located Upstairs at 317 Court Street NE, Downtown Salem.

Our teachers are professional instructors. They regularly attend dance camps and their own lessons and classes to maintain and improve their teaching skills and provide the student with the best and most current dance material.

The Ballroom is a no smoking and no alcohol environment, so you have a healthy, safe environment in which to dance.

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Meet Our Instructors

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Lora LaMon

Lora is available full time for classes, private lessons and technical coaching. She teaches primarily out of RJ Dance Studio, LLC, located in downtown Salem Oregon. Lora’s reputation is that of a technician. One of her own coaches has remarked that she has one of the best eyes in the business for spotting what’s happening in one’s dance. She agrees with her coaches, who prefers quality to quantity, and always stresses to her students that “better” is nicer than “more”. She says, “Just about anyone can learn a hundred patterns and do them badly. But we all enjoy watching a proficient dancer execute a few patterns done well.

Lora’s strong sense of rhythm and music composition stems from a very early start. She began playing classical piano at the age of 4, eventually developing an interest in contemporary pieces. At 14 she composed her first short concerto. During the mid-70’s, she studied and performed classical and contemporary voice for eight years. Lora’s dancing began at the age of seven with ballet and tap. She continued dancing through college where she was introduced to ballroom, latin and swing.

In 1984, a group or co-workers talked her into joining them at a country western club where for the next four years she mastered all the country couple dances popular at that time. In 1988, Lora re-entered the world of Ballroom. Shortly after that, she began training and teaching.

Meaghan Feeback

(Irish Step Dance – Hard and Soft Shoe)
Meaghan started Irish dancing at age 10 after watching Riverdance obsessively on OPB. For the next 15 years, she trained as a competitive soloist and team dancer in addition to participating on a performance troupe for 13 years. As both a solo and team competitor, Meaghan traveled all over North America and to Ireland and Scotland to dance in regional, national and world level competitions. She was a top five podium soloist in the western region and a top 25 soloist at the nationals. In 2014 she sat and passed her TCRG certification, making her a registered dance teacher with the Irish Dancing Commission (CLRG) in Dublin, Ireland. She teaches with the Yeates Academy of Irish Dance.

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New series of group classes start every month, usually the 1st or 2nd week. There are Level 1 classes, most of which ...


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