Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates $35/ea

When NOT to give Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates are like puppies. They sound like a great gift idea, especially at last minute. But they are not. Here are some guidelines for when NOT to give Gift Certificates. Restrictions apply.

Please check each of the boxes to show you have considered the following before purchasing:

Make sure that you Gift will be wanted, appreciated and used.  Some folks simply do not want to do dance and have no desire or use for Dance Gift Certificates. The recipient cannot redeem them for cash, which means your gift will go to waste.

The person or persons you’re giving the Gift to has a full school schedule or works weird shifts, such as 4 on, 3 off or rotating shifts (day, swing, graveyard). That means they will never be able to do a series of classes. At best, they would be able to use your Gift for a private lesson, which is a good start, but no one learns to dance in just one session. So again, your gift will likely go unused.


Enter the number of Certificates you want to purchase in the box below, then click “Pay Now”





The couple you’re giving the Gift to works opposite shifts. One of them works days, the other works swing or graveyard. Like two ships passing in the night, the likelihood of them getting 4-5 consecutive same day of the week off at the same time are slim to none.  So, again, your Gift will probably go unused.

The person or persons you’re giving the Gift to travels four days a week, or travels every other week, or travels two out of three weeks.  Again, except for a possible private lessons, your Gift will  likely go unused.

The Gift Certificates have an expiration date.  If you know or suspect the recipient of your Gift might not be able to redeem it before it expires, it’s not a good idea to give it.  There are lots of reasons why the recipient of you Gift might not be able to use it before it expires.  RJDS tries to work with reasonable life “interruptions”.



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