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New series of group classes start every month, usually the 1st or 2nd week. There are Level 1 classes, most of which are appropriate for brand new dancers, and Tweener/Level 2 classes for those ready to move beyond their basics. Group classes are a fun, inexpensive way to learn. Singles are always welcome and encouraged to participate. We recommend changing partners during classes to give everyone an opportunity to work with different partners and meet new friends. After all, dancing is a social activity!

How large the class is depends on the dance style and level. Some dances are more popular than others, but all of them are a lot of fun. The more dances you know, the more variety you will have in your dancing experience. And no, one dance will not cover all the various music used for dancing. Usually 4-6 different dances will cover a majority of dance music. Most classes run 4-5 weeks, meeting once a week for 60-90 minutes. Costs vary depending on duration and class level.

Time restrictions in group classes do not always allow time for some individual needs to be addressed. Private lessons are an opportunity to receive one on-one attention and help. Private time is also an option for those who have irregular work schedules, or schedules that conflict with your partner’s therefore making it difficult to impossible to attend a complete series of group classes.

Private lessons are useful for both singles or couples. However, if you have a partner, it is more beneficial if both partners are present for class and/or lessons, even if one partner is more “advanced” than the other. This way both partners receive the same information with which to practice and work on their dancing together.

Currently, private lessons are $80/50-minute for one single or one couple.

RJDS has been the Willamette Valley Dance Connection hosting a weekly Social Dance everyTuesday night since 1991. 7:30-9:30pm. Cost is currently still just $5/person (some exceptions). There is no lesson with this dance. There are also some weekend dances on various select weekends. Dates, times and cost vary.

These dances are open to all dancers. You do not have to be a student of RJDS to attend our dances. Dancing is a social activity, so regularly attending Social Dances is the perfect opportunity to work on what you’ve learned in class in a real dance environment. It’s also a great time and place to connect with other dancers; meet, mix, encourage, share, dance with others while building and supporting the local dance community.

The weekly Social Dance is also an excellent opportunities for new dancers and would be dancers, to just watch, ask questions and get plugged in. Do you want to know what the difference is between This Dance and That Dance or What Dance to start with? Come to the weekly Social Dances. There you will see the wide variety of dances and the correct music that goes with each. This can be very helpful for new dancers trying to determine what what they like, what dance to start with or continue with. We are there to help you sort it all out. It’s all good – the dancing, the support, the community.

Due to time restraints, technical information is often just touched upon in a general group class, so these classes are additional one-day workshops focusing on the much needed and neglected technical side of dance. Many people shy away from technique because they don’t understand the value of it and they “just want to have fun”. But don’t be too quick to brush off technique. Dance is more than just steps that you seen in class or try to copy from watching YouTube. It’s a balance between what moves and what stays still, and why. It’s about being in balance and staying in control of your dance, not the other way around. Without some basic technique, you either look/feel like a wooden soldier or marionette bobbing on its strings.

The answer? “Stuff” Workshops. “Stuff” provides excellent material to help you develop your dancing into an enjoyable art form with your partner instead of a wrestling match. “Stuff” is not about learning more dance steps or patterns. It’s about learning how your body moves (and doesn’t move), and getting it to move more efficiently. When applied to your dancing, your dancing becomes more fun, because what you’re trying to do is working, which is definitely more fun, and allows you to eventually take on more advanced material.

It’s better if you have taken some basic classes to familiarize yourself with basic dance material and vocabulary before attempting technique workshops.

A perfect gift that can last a lifetime. A gift of no fat, no sugar, no cholesterol, no sodium, and no calories! A gift that both men and ladies can equally used and enjoy separately or together for years. A gift that keeps you moving and feeling great.


Your Wedding Party, your First Dance at your wedding, your social/civic club, your work organization, church, youth group or special circle of friends or professional associates are all opportunities to put together a series of classes just for your group. Call or email to discuss specifics, scheduling availability and rates.


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